About Northlake Family EyeCare

Northlake Family EyecareNorthlake Family EyeCare is your neighborhood eye doctor. We believe in taking a personal approach and treat our patients like family. Good eye health is important for maintaining a high quality of life. Our job is to protect your health so that you can see the beautiful moments that make up your life.

We are located at 1500 Commons Cir Ste 200, Northlake, TX 76226. We welcome new patients and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can schedule your initial eye exam by calling 940-382-2020.

Our optometrist, Dr. Colvin, opened Northlake Family EyeCare to provide families with a small business experience you only get with a local eye doctor. Dr. Colvin is a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist. She treats patients of all ages and is able to make everyone feel comfortable, even if they don’t like going to the doctor.

The staff at Northlake Family EyeCare are experts at treating a variety of eye conditions, maintaining and preserving your eye sight. We understand that when your vision becomes unclear it can be alarming and stressful. We do our best to make things easier by treating our patients with respect, addressing their concerns, and creating a treatment and maintenance plan that works for your lifestyle. Whether you are an avid athlete that needs durable glasses to play sports, trying contacts for the first time, or living with glaucoma or other eye diseases – we can help.

Stop by and visit us sometime. We look forward to meeting you. Our staff is available for answering your questions or schedule an appointment at 940-382-2020.

Want to learn more about us? Read our Biography and Mission Statement