What You Should Know About Progressive Lenses

progressive lenses

If you do not want to wear traditional bifocals but are having difficulty seeing both up close and far away, progressive lenses can be a good solution for you. As an eye doctor in Northlake, Texas we have been providing patients with this new type of lens in order to improve all areas of their vision. If you have been reading about progressive lenses, you may be curious to know what they are and why they’re better than bifocals. Keep in mind that the term “better” is defined by your personal preference. However, from our perspective, this is a great option and improved solution for helping patients see near, far and all points in between. Progressive lenses are more attractive and allow you to see all distances near to far. Since this is a common sign of aging, many of our Northlake patients are not looking forward to wearing traditional bifocals.

Progressive lenses work in a similar way to bifocals because they allow you to see both up close and far away. As an eye doctor, that means that we can incorporate two types of prescriptions into one lens. Not only will you not need to wear bifocals but it also means that you will not need to switch out your regular glasses for reading glasses. This is important if you work in a profession that requires you to be able to read a lot of paperwork or the computer screen.

More Benefits

One of the major benefits of progressive lenses is that you are able to look at a certain area the lens to see far away and another to see objects close to you and still a third area for intermediate vision. This is incredibly unique to progressive lenses and as an eye doctor in Northlake, Texas, we have found that this solution makes it much easier for our patients to transition between various objects that they’re looking at. Today, it is common for people to need to look at something close up and small. For example, reading text messages on your iPhone, surfing the internet on your computer, doing paperwork at the office, etc. and then needing to be able to look up and engage in normal conversation. These transitions happen all throughout the day and they need to happen seamlessly. Progressive lenses make it possible to do so.

The Corridor

A progressive lens has something called a corridor that allows you to look down it in order to see objects that are placed at different distances from you. As an eye doctor in Northlake, Texas, I can show you how to use your progressive lenses so that you can quickly see what you need to. After only a couple of days wearing them you should be looking through your progressive lenses with the same ease as if you had good natural eyesight.
To learn more about this solution, call and schedule an appointment with our clinic. We can discuss this and other ways to improve your vision.